Divin Porcello Family

Hospitality, Restaurant with rooms, shuttle service, Homemade Salami shop and Wine bar! All run by the same family!

Ossola like you’ve never seen before!

Our story

Divin Porcello Family is a restaurant typical of the Ossola valley with rooms, its own production of local ‘salami’ or cured meats, and a wine bar. The Restaurant with rooms was established at Masera (VB) in 1990 based on an idea of Massimo Sartoretti, son and grandson of Giovanni and Pierino, already butchers and producers of cured meats since 1950.
Massimo’s philosophy is to capitalise on the age-old culinary traditions typical of the Ossola valley, using contemporary tools and knowledge, reinterpreted in a modern way.
Thanks to the expertise of his grandfather and father in the areas of meats and cured meats, the Divin Porcello (Divine pig) immediately became a point of reference for lovers of the genre.
Located in a mountain setting, the typical restaurant offers a rustic ambience, but at the same time is equipped with all safety comforts, such as the quality of the air and the water.
The cured meats production has continued the generational transition down to Mara, Massimo’s sister. The success of the restaurant has allowed the Sartoretti family to diversify their business with character and quality, to the present day, expanding the services offered by opening the Divin Porcello wine bar in Domodossola.

From Divin Porcello to your home

It is now possible to order the products offered by Divin Porcello from the comfort of your own home: healthy and genuine home-cured meats, including gluten-free for those with an intolerance, Wines and Distillates.

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