A dish served on a heated soapstone, on which pork fillet and loin can be cooked directly at the table. This is a meat that is free from fat and cholesterol, which is well suited to the modern-day diet, maintaining good levels of softness and flavour thanks to the cooking method. It is served with roast potatoes and dipping sauces.

Gnocchi all’antica Ossolana

Strictly homemade with potatoes, pumpkin and chestnut, these gnocchi made to an ancient Ossola recipe are one of our flagship dishes.

Our roast sauce, together with butter and sage from the garden provide a seasoning that is naturally creamy and very flavoursome!


A dish which is the result of a collaboration between Divin Porcello and the Rosmini hotel catering institute in Domodossola which incorporates excellent typical products from the Ossola valley! The waffle is made of Formazza Oro cheese matured for 15 months, filled with the famous Anzola polenta seasoned with Aleccio DiCrodo toma cheese, the rhododendron honey of Lake Castel at 2,220 metres a.s.l. and the Lumbar and Lard of Mastro Giovanni Sartoretti.